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2006 Award winners Print
Award Name Film Title Country Director 1 Director 2
 The Golden Spotlight Award - Best Feature Film Self-Medicated U S A Monty Lapica  
 The Golden Spotlight Award - Best Short Film Le génie de la boîte de raviolis Switzerland Claude Barras  
The Silver Spotlight Award - Best Australian Film Puppy Australia Kieran Galvin  
The Silver Spotlight Award - Best International Film Beautiful Dreamer U S A Terri Farley-Teruel  
The Silver Spotlight Award - Best Director Jaume Balagueró - Fragile Spain Jaume Balagueró  
The Silver Spotlight Award - Best Debut Feature Johnny Montana   John Daniel Gavin  
The Silver Spotlight Award - Best Actor Paddy Considine - Stoned United Kingdom Stephen Woolley  
The Silver Spotlight Award - Best Actress Diane Venora - Self-Medicated U S A Monty Lapica  
The Silver Spotlight Award - Best Editing Award 10 Questions For The Dalai Lama U S A Rick  Ray  
The Silver Spotlight Award - Best Cinematography Intellectual Property U S A Nick peterson  
 Special Citation - Best Student Film Deck Heads Australia Andrew Faulks  
 Special Citation - Best Documentary Future by Design U S A William Gazecki  
 Special Citation - Best Animation First Flight U S A Cameron Hood Kyle Jefferson
 Special Citation - Best Multicultural Silma's School Australia Jane Jeffes  
 Special Citation - Most Innovative Start Up U S A Claire Armstrong Parod and Joel Parod (Animation Directors) Andrew Douglas  (Live Action Director)
 Special Citation - Best Ensemble Direction No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Poker Tournament Trail U S A Timothy Rhys Brian O'Hare
 Special Citation - Best Human Rights Award BINTA Y LA GRAN IDEA Spain Javier Fesser  
 Special Citation - Audience Award Jesus Cant Skate Australia Jayson Sutcliffe  
 Special Citation - Best Commercial Marketability The Virgin Of Juarez U S A Kevin James Dobson  
 Special Citation - Most Likely to Succeed Staten Island India Aditya Chandora  
 Special Citation - Best Overseas Market Space Chase United Kingdom Daniel Duncan Jonathan Pearson
 Special Citation - Best Drama (Feature) Comfort The Disturbed, Distrub The Comforted United Kingdom Arran de Moubray
 New Media Award - Best Memory Chip Submitted Work End of Level Sweden Victor Blanke  
 New Media Award - Best Flash Animation The Wagalak Sisters Australia Dave Jones  
  Award - Best Use of New Media Missing Pages (amended version) Japan Jerome Olivier  
35mm Transfer Award Performer United Kingdom Olaf Wendt Olaf Wendt
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